Download dhankesari today results in a few seconds just click the download button above it will be downloaded automatically.

Dhankesari Today Lottery Result 11:55 am

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Dhankesari Today Lottery Result 4pm

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Dhankesari Today Lottery Result 8pm

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Then we will tell you that this website is best for lottery results.

Because you can download the results of your lottery very easily from here, in a few moments. Download your lottery result quickly. From here, you can download the Result of dhan Kesari at 11:00 and the result of 4:00 pm, and the result of 8:00 pm. This lottery is like mega millions usa jackpot. dhankesari old result is similar to mega millions past winnings numbers of usa ticket.

Dhankesari Lottery Result Today

The result of Dhankesari comes in two formats i.e. PDF and DBF. And downloading this result from our website is quite easy because we have given you a clickable download button. After pressing the button, you will easily download the dhankeshari result on your mobile or laptop. 2 Download button You are given above is one of your PDF results and the other is your DBF result.

You can easily download any format result from here which you want to download. You can also download other results related to Dhankesari like Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Result, West Bengal Lottery Result, Kerala Lottery Result, Nagaland Lottery Results, Sikkim Lottery Result, etc.

Dhankesari Lottery Result Time

Do you know that the lottery is played three times a day? Such as in the morning at midday and night? If you did not know about it then now you know that its results come three times a day. I would like to tell you about dhankesari result in detail. In the lines below I have written about it in detail.

Dhankesari lottery sambad result 11am

The lottery played is always at 11:55 in the morning. You will find a lot of people around you selling that lottery ticket you can buy from there.

Dhankesari - Today Result 11:55 pm 4 pm 8 pm

You can simply download this dhankesari lottery sambad morning result on our website. Without any hard work, just come to our website dhankesari com and download by clicking on the download button available on begging of our homepage.

Dhankesari lottery result 4pm

You can download this dhankesari result after 04:15 pm on our dhankeshari website. This dhan Kesari day lottery is very popular in 10-15 state in our India.

This lottery has been playing for several decades. You can download this day lottery result at our website at dhankesari or lotterysambad

Dhankeshari lottery result 8pm

This is the third drawn lottery which drawn at 08:00 pm daily at night and it's known as dhankesari night lottery, you can download this dhankesari result after 08:00 pm on our website dhankeshari. This lottery has come into being in the last six-seven years.

But now a day this lottery is viral and lakh of people want to buy this dear lottery. You can download this lottery result by simply clicking on the download button at the top of the page. This lottery has made many people rich.

Types of Lottery in India

There are many types of lottery in Indian. We have shared some lottery names and it's game time, you can check below.

State Lottery Name

Time of Playing

Sikkim State Lottery

11:55 AM

West Bengal State Lottery

04:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery

08:00 PM

Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM Morning

Dear Sikkim State Lottery Prize Amount Information
Dear Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM Lottery Result Time, Price, Prize Amount, Official Page information.

Name of State

Sikkim State Lottery

Lottery Name


Time of Lottery

11:55 AM every day

Price of Lottery

Rs. 6/-

Official Website

First Prize

1 Carore

Cons Prize

1000/- Remaining all Series

Second Prize


Third Prize


Fourth Prize


Fifth Prize


Dhankesari Old Result Yesterday 11:55 am 4pm 8pm

Like today's dear lottery result, the old result is also very important for an old lottery ticket. these days people are very smart. For that kind of man, we provide dhankesari old result.

If you are unable to download lottery results daily, then this old result page is for people like you. Everyone who buy dear lottery or dhankesari lottery can download their old result from our old result page.

For old result, you have to visit our dhankeshari old result page. We have created three different – different pages for all old results. First dhankesari old result page is for 11:55 am dear lottery. The second old result page is for dhankesari 4 pm lottery result. And the Last one page is for 8 pm dear lottery. You guys can easily download the old results from our pages.

Dhankesari Lotteries Importance

The Dhankesari lottery is very important for a person who wants to be rich. Because of that state governments of India made a lottery for that kind of people.

Now if you want be a rich then buy dhankesari lottery. It will help you to make millions of money. Many people of India become rich from this lottery tickets. Everyday 5 people are making lakhpati form this lottery.

Thousands of family running their household from this lottery business. That’s why dhankesari lotteries importance is very high for the Indian people.

About these dhan kesari lottery result

Download daily dear result from our page, it is also popular as lottery sambad.

Dhankesari lottery sambad result comes in PDF format, which everybody likes. That’s why we provide results in PDF format only because, this format lottery results easily open in any device like computer, tablet, and mobile phones.

You can also download old results of dhan Kesari from our page, for that you have to go to the www dhankesari com and after that click, on the old result you will reach that page

From there, you can download your old results, any date, we have made available the entire 1-month result. You can also download lottery claim form from our website. For that, you have to click on the claim form and you will be taken to the Claim Form page.

From which you can download it according to your need. You can also see the live play of the lottery here. For that, you have to go to the live draw option. You can see all the state’s lottery plays live at one place.

Download dhankeshari lottery result

Dhankesari website is best for lottery results official website ( Because here you can easily download the results of any state lottery at any time.

If you wish, you can bookmark this website on your mobile or laptop from which you can come here easily. We are completely working on the lottery results. If you have any kind of question from the lottery, then you can ask us by commenting below.

We are very grateful to you for having seen the value of our website. And we are very grateful to you. So, that this website can be a little grow.

Dhankesari Today Result Brief Knowledge

Dhankesari today’s result is out daily three times. The first dhankesari lottery result comes at 11:55 am in the morning. You can download the daily dhankeshari lottery sambad result from here.

West Bengal state lottery result publish at 04:00 pm on the day. Every day we are working on the dhankesari lottery result. Just buy your lucky number. We will take care of your result.

Sikkim State Lottery Today Result 11:55 am

Sikkim state lottery today result 11:55 am is very popular. It is also known as the Sikkim morning lottery result. You can also watch the Sikkim state lottery live draw at 12:00 pm daily at Sikkim state lotteries' official website. Sikkim state lottery the dear lottery is very popular among the people of the northeast like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura west Bengal, etc.

We daily upload Sikkim today's lottery result here. In 2019 it is quite easy to download any today's results like Sikkim state lotteries.

West Bengal State Lottery Today Result 4pm

It is also known as the Paschim Banga Rajya lottery. Many people called this lottery Banga bhumi. It results come at after 04:00 pm. We also upload wb results in high quality. If you wish you can download its result from dhankesari.

But you guys download in pdf format. Because it is easy to download and use. After downloading a west Bengal state lottery result. You can view it through pdf viewer.

Today dhankesari result now you can access from our page. You can download dhankesari result of today’s dear lottery. All three-time lottery result is available here.

Dhankesari result comes three times in a day. In 2019 dhankesari lottery result is now very popular.

Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 8pm

But pdf format is good for mobile users. This lottery also known as night dear lottery of dhankesari.

Dhankesari result 11:55 am Lottery

First dhankesari today's result comes after 12:10 pm every day. This lottery belongs to Nagaland state lotteries. The price of this lottery is 5 rupees per ticket. You can download the 11:55 am morning dhankesari result after 12 pm daily. We daily upload 11 am the morning dear lottery result.

You can download its result from its official website ( or of this lottery. If you wish you can download dhankesari today's result on our page.

The first prize in this lottery is 1 crore. If you want to make some money then you should definitely buy this lottery. Dhankesari 11 am morning lottery ticket is now the favorite of millions of people.

Dhankesari todays result 4 pm dear lottery

West Bengal state lotteries agency played it. This lottery is very popular in West Bengal and other northeast states like Nagaland, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, etc.

You can also download west Bengal lottery result from our dhankesari result page.

Dhankesari todays result 8pm lottery

4pm lottery belongs to Nagaland state lotteries agency. Dear lottery game played since several decade.

How to download dhankesari result?

You can see the above three different download buttons. Each of them has a written time of result. After you decide click on the download button.

Dhankesari today's result comes in a pdf file, which is a very comfortable file for any mobile or pc device.
Dhankesari today's result is updated now. Download today's result of dhankesari lottery sambad 2021.

Many people know how to download dhankesari result. That’s why I’m here to tell you, how you can easily download dhankesari today result in a second, without wasting your costly time.

Today we will tell you about all things about dhankesari today's result and about today's lottery.
You can download all three games of the dear state lottery in one place, which is our today results page of dhankesari and lottery sambad.

Dhankesari today result publish time

Publishing time of lottery sambad today result is very unique. First today result of dear Nagaland lottery is 12:10 pm. You can any time download dhankesari 11:55 am lottery result after 12:10 pm daily. This is for morning dear lottery of Nagaland.

After 4:10 pm you can able to download result of 4pm dear west Bengal state lottery. This lottery is also known as lottery sambad today lottery result. This lottery result will be available before 11:59 pm.

Third dhankesari today result publish time is 8:10 pm at night. This is 8pm Nagaland state lottery result. You can be able to access after 8:10 pm. This lottery result is also known as dhankesari night result. It will be available till midnight.

How to download Dhankesari today result?

This is very important question asking by so many lottery buyers. It is easy to download lottery sambad result, but many people have trouble downloading it. Today I will tell you a very easy way of how to download the result of dhankesari.

At the top you will see 3 blue colour buttons. The first button is to download the result of 11:55 am. The second button is to download the result of 4:00 pm. And the third, you might have figured out that for 8:00 o’clock in the night.

Now its fully depends on you. Decide which times of result you want to download. Then simply click on that button. After that you will go to the page where this result is available.

When you go there you will see two types of download buttons. The first button is for DBF format and the second button is for PDF format. Click on the result button you want to download. After this the result will be downloaded to the computer or in your mobile.

About today lottery sambad result

Two states of India daily draw their lottery game. Nagaland state lottery and West Bengal state lottery. They publish their result on dhankesari. Nagaland state lotteries daily played two lottery game. In other hand west Bengal state lottery played one lottery game daily.

Morning and night lottery game is played by Nagaland state lotteries. Day lottery game is played by west Bengal state lottery. Both state lotteries are very popular in North-East of India.

You can also download the claim form of lottery sambad. From our today result page, you can able to access the old results of dhankesari lottery. We daily update today's result for you. Our today result page is fresh and it is easy to access. Be the first today result downloader of the dear lottery.


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